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Recent Projects

Since HSE Consulting has been in operation, the business has built a clientele in the Great Southern and Kimberley regions of Western Australia, extending into Northern Territory.

Clients include large (>100 employees) to small businesses (1-2 employees).

Industries supported include agriculture, mining, construction, manufacturing, transportation, electric/ gas services as well as local community and non for profit groups.

The most recent projects of HSE CONSULTING include:

  • Management system development and assisting with accreditation to international standards (OHS, environment, risk, quality and asset management) for Ord Irrigation Cooperative.
  • Management system development (OHS and environment) for Bothkamp Farms and Bullo River Station
  • Management system development (Quality) for JSW Holdings
  • Emergency and evacuation plan for Kununurra Bushman and Rodeo Association
  • Workplace inspection and auditing for Ord River District Cooperative, Ord Irrigation Cooperative, Coventry Machine Works, and Argyle Engineering
  • Rio Tinto Prequalification for Gooring Jimballa Contracting, D&H Contracting, McGinty Family Trust, Proworx Contracting, Red Rust Contracting
  • Risk assessment update for DIAB Engineering
  • Development and completion of induction program for Northern Development Company
  • Rio Tinto management system compliance audit for Rio Tinto/ Argyle Diamonds Limited
  • Development of land management fact sheets for Esperance Regional Forum (in partnership with Clear South)